Wrong turn

Aug. 22nd, 2009 01:24 pm
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I went out for a 5 mile walk but took the wrong turn on the way back and ended up doing 6.3 miles in 97:18 mins (http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3119620 )

15.4 min/mile

Day after tomorrow I am doing the vital 10 mile walk, just under 2 weeks before the half-marathon. The training plan says "if you can do the 10 miles, you WILL do the half-marathon". I'm pretty certain I can do the half-marathon now, but I've serious doubts about doing it in 3 hours.
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So my last entry hoped "Friday would go better" but in fact by Friday evening I was exhausted and on Saturday I was clearly getting ill, and I remained so for several days.

We are now in France, and I have got better and have actually gone out training twice:

2.4 miles in 35:40 (14.9 min/mile) - HURRAH I broke 15 min/mile

4 miles in 61:42 (15.4 min/mile) oh bother

The training plan calls for a 10 mile walk on Sunday followed by a relatively light programme of short walks between then and the race. I have missed two 8 mile walks by being ill, so I really doubt I'll hit the timing requirement at this point, but I should be able to do the distance.
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Missed first of this week's 3-mile walks due to disorganisations.

Today's was just far too slow and I knew it all the way round: 3.33 miles in 52:19 => 15.7 min/mile rather than the 14 min/mile expected. That's slower than my 5 miles on Sunday, too.

About the best that can be said for it is that at least I got out there, which is better than Monday, and I completed it even when I knew it was going to be poor.

Hope Friday goes better.
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Last weekend I was ill (ironically just as my shiny new watch and iPod bits arrived), and it's taken me a while to recover enough to take training back up. The trouble is the half-marathon isn't postponed to match, so I decided I just had to jump in where I was, and never mind the 4 missed training sessions on the plan.

Tonight I've done 5.36 miles in 80:50 => 15.1 min/mile rather than the target 16 min/mile. So that's nice. I love my new watch's stopwatch and the new armband/earphones work well enough - less faff and more comfy. Next week is 3x 3 mile walks at speed (14 min/mile). I've never yet broken 15 min/mile, even on the daily fast walks to get my son, so we shall see.

That's how I knew I wasn't well enough yet: Monday just 0.9 miles to work was exhausting so I caught the bus after work. Tuesday I did the walk in 28:20, Wednesday it was 27:20 and then Thursday and Friday it was 25:05 both days: back to normal, but I had other commitments and catching-up to do.

I have 5 weeks to go so should probably start doing something about publicising the race and fundraising.
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I found an alternate route from home to pick up my son: 1.65 miles rather than 1.8. It saves me a few minutes and takes me away from the bus routes.

I'm not keen on arriving at work too sweaty, so I won't push my pace on that leg (0.9) miles - though it is nice that it seems to be reliably ~15 mins now rather than ~17 mins. Picking up my son is usually done outdoors and no-one minds if I'm a bit warm when I get there, so I'm trying to push my pace as fast as is compatible with office clothes and a rucksack, for a daily check on my walking speed.

This week it's been approx 26 min, 25 min, 25 min.

At 15 min/mile it should be 24:45
At 14 min/mile it should be 23:06
At 13 min/mile it should be 21:27

At the moment I squint at my rotary dial and try to remember roughly what time it was when I started. But this isn't precise enough for me any more, so I've been spending more money and have a sports watch with stopwatch facility winging its way to me. I'm also getting better earphones and an armband for the iPod.
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Failed to organise yesterday, so will have to be today and Friday.

http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2997836 : 4.05 miles in 60.5 minutes => 14.9 min/mile

*just* squeaked under the target time; I hope Friday goes better.
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6.4 miles (same route as last week) in 100.25 mins => 15.7 min/mile against goal of 16 min/mile

I missed the 4 mile route this week, basically due to failure to organise, so I'm pleased I still hit the target on this, and improved slightly from last week. The walk was enlivened by torrential rain during mile 3, from which I had not quite dried out by the time I returned.

Again I have a small blister on one foot - I think I made the right decision tightening up the sandals to stop slipping in the rain. If I am going to get walking shoes rather than my sandals I should do so soon, so as not to still be breaking them in at race time.

Next week: 4 miles on each of Tuesday and Thursday, both in 60 min (i.e. 15-min miles), and 7 miles in 115 min next Sunday (i.e. just over 16 min/mile). I have a 4-mile route planned out which I think I'll use for both, and I could just stitch it onto one of my existing 3-mile routes for next Sunday.

I think what impresses me following this plan is that the improvements scheduled are actually happening - I just walk as fast as I can manage at the given times and my speed keeps improving.
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3.2 miles (the old Girton loop again) in 48 mins => 15 min/mile rather than goal 16 min/mile. Yay.

One indistinct yell out of a car window; one "good for you" from a random female pedestrian going the other way. I shall choose to dwell on the pleasantness of the latter.
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Friday evening: the 1.8mile walk in stompy sandals and feeling ill was 31 min (17.2 min/mile).

By the time I got home again, I felt too ill to go out, but was better Saturday so did the 3-mile walk then, with toddler on my back. I took the first mile too slowly and didn't make it up: 3.25 miles in 55 min = 16.9 min/mile (rather than the 16.7 min/mile goal).

Today's walk: 6.4 miles in 103 min (goal was 6 in 105, so smug again). My left hip started feeling a bit sore in the last mile, and also a blister on the left foot. But still: longest walk yet and back under training time. 16.1 min/mile

Next week:
Tuesday: 3 miles in 48 min
Thursday: 4 miles in 60-64 min
Sunday: 6 miles in 96 min


Jul. 10th, 2009 03:02 pm
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Not well on Wednesday, so missed training walk and took the bus instead of my usual collect-toddler walk. Back to normal on Thursday, with an extra walk into town and back for a nice meal out.

Tonight: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2991183

I can put Monday's route in front of this one to make a total of 6 miles for Sunday's walk.

It's 1.8 miles from work to pick up the toddler. I used to do this in 30 mins or even a little more (17 min/mile) and managed 29 minutes (16 min/mile) on Tuesday and 28 (15.5 min/mile) on Thursday. I'm going to keep monitoring times on this route, as a nice little daily check on my 'normal' walking speed. Today's shoes are a bit stompy for speed, but I shall tell myself they are good for building up muscle.

My goal speed of 13 min/mile would make that daily walk 23.4 min.
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3.2 miles in 49 minutes: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2978815 That's 5 min faster than today's goal, and faster than the other 2 3-mile walks this week, so I am generally feeling smug.

The timing comes out as 15.3 min/mile which is about half-way between my 17 mins of yesterday and my goal of 13 min/mile.

I got honked at once on the way back, and I'm afraid I responded with a rude gesture. That was the one flaw in an otherwise pleasant and endorphin-raising walk. I felt sufficiently confident to do "power-walk arms" for the last bit home, after I'd turned off the main road. It really does feel more powerful and faster, but I still feel a bit self-conscious about it off my home turf.
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I didn't do the 4 mile walk planned on Wednesday, due to feeling a bit rotten from dentistry. I did do nearly 2 miles fast (to get to dentist on time) and at least another 2 miles later the same evening; also on Thursday another approx 4 brisk miles (punctuated by shopping).

Then Saturday on the plan was a 5 mile walk which I did this morning. Goal time was 100 minutes and I did it in 86, and it was in the steep streets of Sheffield. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2975247

Next week's walks: 3 miles in 54 min, 2x 3 miles in 50 mins and then 6 miles in 105 mins (all with rest days in between). My walking speed today was 17.2 min/mile, which means the first and the last of those won't be a problem but I need to speed up a little for the 2 fast 3 mile walks in the middle.

By September, I need to walk no slower than 13.5 min/mile if I'm to complete the half-marathon in 3 hours.

I have done some shopping: 2 technical tshirts and a little backpack carrier for water with drinking tube. It holds 2 litres but I went through all of that at about 3.5 miles this morning. I think I need a bigger water bag. I would like better walking shorts but the shop didn't have them in my size. I'd also like a spare sports bra, and I'm beginning to think some proper running shoes (from the specialist shop that does gait analysis) would be better than the sandals, if only to cut down on stones, but if so I should get them sooner rather than later so my feet have plenty of time to get used to them. So much for this being a cheap hobby!


Jun. 30th, 2009 02:56 pm
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The walking book has a 12-week plan for walking a half-marathon. I only have 10 weeks, but that's ok, I am more than capable doing the walks suggested for week 3.

The plans start Sunday, which is good because the half-marathon is on a Sunday. I already did a more strenuous walk than required for Sunday week 3. Then a day of rest and a day of stretching. I've lost my favourite stretching book again, so have another copy on the way.

Tomorrow is a 4-mile walk: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2962355 I expect I will do it in the evening when the temperature drops to merely quite hot.

I'm going to photocopy the plan and scribble on it, and start scheduling the walks and putting them in the diary.

I booked hotel room and train tickets for the half-marathon. This is practically commitment. I should probably think about setting up a sponsorship page soon. And my shopping list is growing: pedometer, better walking shorts, spare sports bra, bumbag to hold water bottle, maybe even some 'proper' shoes (though my new Tevas seem to be doing the job admirably so far)

First walk

Jun. 28th, 2009 02:40 pm
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This is my 'starting point' walk: no preparation, carrying 14kg of toddler, hot summer day. I was aiming for 5 miles but had to cut short because the toddler went to sleep on my back.


4.5 miles in 78 minutes => ~3.5 mph

Weight this morning: 100.4kg. Google says that's 220 pounds which makes Gmap pedometer think I burned 750 calories.

I have the book on walking recommended by Walk the Walk and should actually try reading it, and planning out some training for the next 10 weeks.


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