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2.71 miles today, powerwalked (mostly) with 16kg of child on my back, who claimed to enjoy it. I was rather hot. We ran/walked the last half mile or so home together, which was good education for both of us, and he joined in stretching with enthusiasm.

Time: 41:51 => 15:4 min/mile which is not great, but not bad considering the handicap. I plan an 8 mile walk tomorrow, this time without passenger.

Recent weeks have been the proverbial plan meets reality failure, however I will try to post at least weekly now. I am still walking roughly 5 miles a day weekdays, and notching up at least 10,000 steps on the pedometer, often more.

Daily 1.64 mile sprint walks (spot the days on which I powerwalked!):

Mon 1/3: 24:35 =>15.0 min/mile
Tue 2/3: 23:40 => 14.4 min/mile
Wed 3/3: 23:30 => 14.3 min/mile
Thu 4/3: 23:10 => 14.1 min/mile <--- best time yet, I think!
Fri 5/3: 24:31 => 14.9 min/mile

Going back in time:

Last weekend got eaten by Charles having a tummy bug and the fridge needing replacement, but I did at least walk a bit on each day, averaging 8800 steps.

Mon 22/2: 24:45
Tue 23/2: 25:30
Wed 24/2: 24:45
Thu 25/2: -- forgot to start stopwatch
Fri 26/2: 25:00

The previous week I had a nasty cold to get over, so didn't do more than the minimum necessary on anything.

Mon 8/2: -- cat had op, cycling/taxis rather than walking
Tue 9/2: 23:55
Wed 10/2: 24:50
Thu 11/2: 24:40
Fri 12/3: 25:15

And on Saturday 13/3 it snowed and I was going down with the cold.


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