Feb. 7th, 2010

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5.34 miles in 79:45 => 14.9 min/mile which is quite satisfying.

I've been failing to fit into the delivered training regime of 3-4 walks per week, but on the other hand my daily walking has been improving in speed and consistency. My normal weekday has me walk at least 5 miles:

0.9 miles to work
1.64 miles to the childminder (timed, and generally power-walked these days)
1.7 miles home

plus any diversions we might run on the way home.

So, I have a goal of doing 26 miles in 14 weeks time, which means being able to do 20 miles in 12 weeks time, and trying to squeeze extra walking in on weekdays is not going very well at the moment. So I'm going to look at weekends, and make sure I do at least 5 miles on each of those days too, and powerwalk on at least one of them, and start ramping up the powerwalk a bit at a time, to go from 5 miles now to 20 miles.

I need to plan the specific targets, but for now I got nearly 5 miles in yesterday, I've done a 5 mile power-walk today and I'm feeling pretty good.

Timed daily walks this week:
Mon: 23:28 => 14.3 min/mile (best yet!)
Tue: 23:41 => 14.4 min/mile
Wed: 23:44 => 14.5 min/mile
Fri: 27:50 (Worst time in ages. I had a bad headache and just couldn't face powerwalking it. Useful for the contrast it displays though - actively trying to powerwalk really does make a time difference. The headache seemed a bit eased by the fresh air and the endorphin rush.)

Previous weeks this year have been 24-25ish mins, apart from when there is snow and I don't try to go at speed. I'm going to regard the timed daily walks as "sprint" training where I go as fast as I can, as opposed to the long weekend walks which will be about extending my stamina. I'm also going to try to post weekly to summarise my times and distances.

Just note for future reference:
15 min/mile is 24:36
14 min/mile is 23:06
13 min/mile is 21:19 (I will be very surprised, if delighted, if I break this any time soon.)


rmcf_walks: Rachel crosses the finish line at Moonwalk 2010 (Default)

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