Aug. 2nd, 2009

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Last weekend I was ill (ironically just as my shiny new watch and iPod bits arrived), and it's taken me a while to recover enough to take training back up. The trouble is the half-marathon isn't postponed to match, so I decided I just had to jump in where I was, and never mind the 4 missed training sessions on the plan.

Tonight I've done 5.36 miles in 80:50 => 15.1 min/mile rather than the target 16 min/mile. So that's nice. I love my new watch's stopwatch and the new armband/earphones work well enough - less faff and more comfy. Next week is 3x 3 mile walks at speed (14 min/mile). I've never yet broken 15 min/mile, even on the daily fast walks to get my son, so we shall see.

That's how I knew I wasn't well enough yet: Monday just 0.9 miles to work was exhausting so I caught the bus after work. Tuesday I did the walk in 28:20, Wednesday it was 27:20 and then Thursday and Friday it was 25:05 both days: back to normal, but I had other commitments and catching-up to do.

I have 5 weeks to go so should probably start doing something about publicising the race and fundraising.


rmcf_walks: Rachel crosses the finish line at Moonwalk 2010 (Default)

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