Jul. 23rd, 2009

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I found an alternate route from home to pick up my son: 1.65 miles rather than 1.8. It saves me a few minutes and takes me away from the bus routes.

I'm not keen on arriving at work too sweaty, so I won't push my pace on that leg (0.9) miles - though it is nice that it seems to be reliably ~15 mins now rather than ~17 mins. Picking up my son is usually done outdoors and no-one minds if I'm a bit warm when I get there, so I'm trying to push my pace as fast as is compatible with office clothes and a rucksack, for a daily check on my walking speed.

This week it's been approx 26 min, 25 min, 25 min.

At 15 min/mile it should be 24:45
At 14 min/mile it should be 23:06
At 13 min/mile it should be 21:27

At the moment I squint at my rotary dial and try to remember roughly what time it was when I started. But this isn't precise enough for me any more, so I've been spending more money and have a sports watch with stopwatch facility winging its way to me. I'm also getting better earphones and an armband for the iPod.


rmcf_walks: Rachel crosses the finish line at Moonwalk 2010 (Default)

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