Jul. 19th, 2009

rmcf_walks: Rachel crosses the finish line at Moonwalk 2010 (Default)
6.4 miles (same route as last week) in 100.25 mins => 15.7 min/mile against goal of 16 min/mile

I missed the 4 mile route this week, basically due to failure to organise, so I'm pleased I still hit the target on this, and improved slightly from last week. The walk was enlivened by torrential rain during mile 3, from which I had not quite dried out by the time I returned.

Again I have a small blister on one foot - I think I made the right decision tightening up the sandals to stop slipping in the rain. If I am going to get walking shoes rather than my sandals I should do so soon, so as not to still be breaking them in at race time.

Next week: 4 miles on each of Tuesday and Thursday, both in 60 min (i.e. 15-min miles), and 7 miles in 115 min next Sunday (i.e. just over 16 min/mile). I have a 4-mile route planned out which I think I'll use for both, and I could just stitch it onto one of my existing 3-mile routes for next Sunday.

I think what impresses me following this plan is that the improvements scheduled are actually happening - I just walk as fast as I can manage at the given times and my speed keeps improving.


rmcf_walks: Rachel crosses the finish line at Moonwalk 2010 (Default)

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